It's Scan Party Time!

50k food products in open data

Open Food Facts contributors open data for 50 000 food products and launch a worldwide scan party!

In 3 years, 2000 contributors from around the world have opened the data for 50 000 food products from 134 countries by scanning their barcodes and taking pictures of their ingredients lists and nutrition facts tables.

All the data is available in open data under the Open Database Licence (ODbL) and can be reused by anyone and for any use.

The scan party has barely started, install our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app and join us!

Opening food products... everywhere we scan!

We would like to collect pictures of Open Food Facts contributors in action from all over the world. Send us pictures of you scanning products, of your favorite food store, of the inside of your fridge etc. so that we can publish them here!

Yes they scan!

Use the #scanparty hashtag on Twitter and/or send us your pictures to

Scan party

The scan-do attitude is spreading!

General assembly in Paris

Scanning products at the 1st Open Food Facts association general assembly in Paris - June 20th 2015

50k food products in open data

Impromptu scan party in a Chinese food store in Lyon, France in June 2015


Marie-Claire, one of the very first OFF contributors, hunts for barcodes in a Spanish supermarket

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